About Us

     We are a group of 6 young men from Northern Michigan that love to hunt. Might still be in school but are avid. About two years ago as we sat around the camp table discussing the upcoming blind builds and our new plans for the season we got this crazy idea. We were thinking that we wanted to be more than just a group of friends that hammer the waterfowl on the weekends. We wanted to take more of a professional approach on hunting and really make a name for ourselves. That day the brand was born, right from the kitchen table of duck camp located on the very river that most of us started our duck hunting excursions. 

     Since then we have been hunting harder than ever before and spending more time filming hunts and taking high quality photos of the things that we do in order to spread awareness on what waterfowl hunting is all about. From there we decided to start making stickers and putting all sorts of different designs on T-shirts. The goal is to end up having a full fledged hunting production in the near future that way we can really spread our name. By bringing on a few great waterfowl companies to help us along we are well on our way. One of the major points of our brand is to be a symbol to the younger generation of waterfowlers, showing them how important we are to the future of conservation. Getting younger hunters pumped up about the sport is a great way to guarantee that duck hunting will never die. We could not think of better spokesmen for this other than a group of guys that are young and have more dedication to the sport than most can imagine. We are more than just another duck hunting company, we are working on the next big movement in the sport and we will be heard. 

The Crew!

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